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Centre for Landscape Regeneration


Richard Bradbury RSPB

Dr Richard Bradbury is the Head of People Conservation Science at the RSPB, monitoring and understanding the human side of conservation issues, testing solutions to problems and evaluating whether actions work. His team has a particular interest in measuring and valuing nature’s contributions to people, in particular natural climate solutions and sustainable agriculture, and understanding the roles of nudges, perceptions, attitudes and connection to nature for influencing behaviour change.
Dr Bradbury is the co-lead on Work Package III, which seeks to optimise management to deliver multiple benefits


Christopher Evans UK CEH

Professor Chris Evans MBE is the Leader of CEH’s Peatland and Coastal Biogeochemistry group and an honorary Professor at Bangor University. His key research interests encompass upland and peatland biogeochemistry, including carbon and nitrogen cycling, greenhouse gases and water quality, process modelling, long-term and large-scale data analysis.


Ross Morrison UK CEH

Dr Ross Morrison’s research quantifies energy, water and GHG fluxes between the land surface and the atmosphere. He aims to improve the evidence base for GHG mitigation and GHG accounting, and provide data for improving and evaluating land models and remotely sensed data products. He leads work to evaluate the GHG abatement potential of optimized water management in lowland agricultural peatlands, and novel wetland agriculture systems ('paludiculture').


Elizabeth Stockdale NIAB

Dr Liz Stockdale is the Head of Farming Systems Research where she focuses on applied soil and nutrient management research, nutrient cycling in soils, and the environmental impact of farming systems. She has been developing farmer-focussed approaches to measuring soil health and developing on-farm toolkits for improved soil management.