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Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Image of Fenland Wildflowers and Barley field

The Centre for Landscape Regeneration is conducting a survey to collect information on agriculture in the Fens to help represent farmers in future policy making.


You are the expert. That is why we would like to hear your voices and this survey provides an opportunity for you to influence the future of the Fens. We are keen to invite you to participate; we only ask for about 45 minutes of your time for us to pop over to chat about the agricultural practices on the farm.

Please Respond Now To Be A Part Of The Project

What is in the Survey?


The survey is split into multiple sections covering:

  • Cropping Patterns

  • Livestock

  • Costs

  • Payments

  • Solar Production

  • Water Management

  • Employment


What Happens to the Information Collected?

Your name and farm address will not be associated with the data. Nothing personal or identifiable with your farm will be shared. All the information you provide will be averaged with other farm data so it will not be identifiable. All data collected will be securely stored in compliance with the data protection regulations.


What Do You Get in Return?

This survey offers farmers representation in the changes, where they are so often overlooked, having the chance to impact future decisions based on responses. We will provide a brief summary of the information you shared shortly after the survey, and a detailed summary of the averaged out data at the end of the survey round. The survey is live from October until December of 2023.


Contact Details for Further Information:

Rekha Bhangaonkar:


Thank you in advance for your time.