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Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Photo of a spiders web in some wheat at sunset

Partnership in research is vital, and this centre brings together research and stakeholder partners from across the UK.

Together, we embark on a collective endeavour to enhance iconic British landscapes and ensure a sustainable future for the environment and for those who live and work there.

The Centre for Landscape Regeneration is led by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the RSPB, the Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme and NIAB.

We are primarily based within the David Attenborough Building as part of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, with our researchers also working across our partners sites and 14 University departments.

Our Partners

Partnerships play a crucial role in our research, as they enable us to synergize expertise, resources, and knowledge, thus accelerating progress and effectively addressing the complex challenges of landscape regeneration in UK landscapes.

We are privileged to collaborate with a diverse range of partners from various sectors, including other researchers, industry, public sector, NGOs, farmers, landowners, and schools.

For a list of partners in each landscape, please refer to the project pages.

Our Partners

For detailed information about each partner, please visit their websites: