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Centre for Landscape Regeneration

The Centre for Landscape Regeneration is co-led by the Cambridge Zero and the Cambridge Conservation Research Institute in collaboration with the Cambridge Conservation Intiative. The Centre has three major partners that will be aiding in the delivery of its programme to restore some of the UK's most precious but fragile landscapes for the benefit of nature, people and the climate.
  • The RSPB is one of the largest nature conservation land managers in the UK and oversees many important nature reserves across the UK.  
  • UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is an independent, not-for-profit research institute that provides the data and insights on creating a productive, resilient and healthy environment. 
  • NIAB 
    NIAB is an independent charitable research organisation at the forefront of the application of science to improve the yield, efficiency and resilience of crop production across the arable, forage and horticulture sectors.

Other partners

The Centre is working with more than 25 organisations, companies and charities across the UK to deliver the aims of its programme and to carry out work on the Centre's three major projects in the Fens, the Cairngorms and the Lake District. 


Fenland Peat Committee
Middle Level Commissioners
National Trust
Natural Cambridgeshire
Natural England
Soil Capital
University of Cambridge Primary School
Water Resources East