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Centre for Landscape Regeneration


The Research Programme Management Team manage the operations of the Centre for Landscape Regeneration. 

They are responsible for the delivery of the CLR's objectives, engagement, partnerships across the University with external stakeholders and research funders and provide overall day-to-day management of its activities.


If you want to know more about the work of the Centre, please contact us.

Lillian Bixler

Communications Coordinator, CLR & Conservation Research Institute

Lillian works in both the CRI and CLR offering communication support, including but not limited to newsletters, website design & maintenance as well as designing materials for both print and the web. Previous positions include FE teaching in Art & Design and Social Media Marketing Manager



Will Crook

Fieldwork Coordinator for Cumbria, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Based in Cumbria with the team at Cumbria Connect, Will is liaising with landowners & our researchers to identify & set up the field sites needed by our interdisciplinary team. A graduate of ecology from The University of Stirling, his background is in agroecology, focussing on how pollinators, specifically bumblebees, are affected on Fenland farms.



Helen Driver

Research Programme Manager, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Dr Helen Driver joined the CLR in summer 2022. She was previously the Research Development Manager for the School of Biological Sciences in the University of Cambridge Research Office, and in previous roles worked as a programme manager at the Royal Society for Chemistry, UKRI India and EPSRC.



Laurie Friday

Research Programme Manager, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Dr Laurie Friday is also the Director of the Isaac Newton Trust and has a research background in freshwater and fenland ecology. She has worked on a voluntary basis with Cambridge Zero since 2020 and has many links to stakeholders across the Fens landscape.



Rachel Georgiou

Field Studies Coordinator, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Rachel Georgiou works to coordinate the fieldwork of the interdisciplinary teams, as well as supporting the technical work of the Dept of Chemistry and UKCEH. She has worked extensively in the field on both marine and terrestrial projects



Rebecca Gillett

Administrative Assistant, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Her key areas of support include secretarial and financial support, communications and publicity, and the organisation of meetings and activities. Rebecca was previously the HoD Secretary in the Dept of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, and Postgraduate Secretary at Robinson College.



Rick Lewis

Research Programme Manager, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Rick splits his time between the Centre for Landscape Regeneration and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). In his other role he works to programme manage the conservation science fundraising work of the RSPB. He was previously an academic at the University of Newcastle.



Poppy Szaybo

Education and Inclusion Manager, Centre for Landscape Regeneration

Poppy Szaybo is an inclusion and community engagement specialist, with a career spanning over 30 years which includes working as a refugee and Romany Gypsy expert for the UNHCR in war zones, an international consultant for 24 years with the British Council, and most recently as Senior Inclusion and Diversity Advisor at Historic England.