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Centre for Landscape Regeneration


Rekha Bhangaonkar 

Dr Rekha Bhangaonkar Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Land Economy with Professor Shailaja Fennell. She uses economic theories and statistical data as the basis for analysing resource-use behaviour towards applying a systems approach to understand sustainability. 


Hamish Campbell

Hamish Campbell is part of the “AI for Environmental Science Centre for Doctoral Training” (AI4ER CDT).  His research interests are in assessing peatland restoration projects using artificial intelligence methods.  Previous to this, he completed a project within the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C), about how proxy indicators of hunting pressure can be used to improve biodiversity assessment of bird species in Thailand. He has a Master’s from Imperial College London in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Brenda D'Acunha

Dr D’Acunha is a peatland biometeorologist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. She is interested in quantifying water, energy and greenhouse gas fluxes from natural and managed peatlands. Her work seeks to improve GHG and water accounting, provide data for validating remote sensing products and hydrological and land-surface models, and inform climate change mitigation strategies.   


Thomas David

Dr Thomas David is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Land Economy with Professor Laura Diaz Anadon. He uses data characterising socioeconomic variables to investigate suitable policy instruments for landscape regeneration, conducting policy analysis to determine the effectiveness and distributional benefits to landscapes and communities.


Jeremy Fonvielle 

Dr Fonvielle is a biogeochemist investigating how the transformation of organic matter by microbes affects ecosystem function. His work consists of characterizing ecosystems using geospatial tools before going to the field for measuring carbon fluxes and sampling environmental DNA and organic molecules.


Neil Mahon

Neil is part of the Department of Zoology working in Dr Lynn Dicks’ Lab. His interests are broadly in ecological interaction networks, agroecology, and entomology. He is particularly interested in addressing key knowledge gaps surrounding the historic and ongoing impacts of human activity on pollinator, beetle, and dragonfly communities. He completed his MSc in Wildlife Conservation and Management at University College Dublin. 


Tom Marquand

As a PhD student in the Turchyn Group, Department of Earth Sciences, Tom will use measurements of stable isotope ratios in Fenland sediment cores to quantify the subsurface rates of greenhouse gas production and consumption. As his project progresses, Tom aims to measure the effects of changing water table depth and seasonality on important soil carbon cycle processes.


Olelekan Popoola    

Dr Lekan Popoola is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Atmospheric Science, Department of Chemistry with Professor Rod Jones. His main interests include air quality, the development and deployment of portable air quality sensors, and data analysis methodologies.


Jack Shutt 

Dr Jack Shutt is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Zoology working in Dr Lynn Dicks’ Lab. He is interested in how biodiversity and food-webs respond to human pressures, such as different land management practices, and working on conservation solutions that promote coexistence. 


Nigel Taylor

Dr Nigel Taylor is a conservation scientist in the Conservation Science Group, Department of Zoology. He has a particular interest in wetlands and aquatic systems. His work with the CLR focuses on synthesising evidence for the effects of conservation and environmental management interventions, to support landscape restoration decision-making.


Liam Wakefield

Liam is a PhD student in the Coomes group, in the Department of Plant Sciences. They are working in partnership with Cairngorms Connect to model native woodland regeneration in the Scottish Highlands. Their research interests include landscape-scale approaches to conservation management and the effects of plant community change. Prior to this they achieved their MSc from the University of Aberdeen.